How to Start Your Internship Search

internshipsInterested in gaining an internship, a research, or other kind of hands-on,  relevant, professional experience? Career Services is here to help! We know that sometimes it can feel overwhelming especially if you aren’t sure where to start.  Our office has broken down the process into manageable steps as well as provided you with great resources to get you started!

♠ Determine what kind of internship you’re seeking —

Most internships fall into one of 4 categories:

  1. Paid – Receiving financial compensation for your work (let’s face it we would all like to make some money!)
  2. Unpaid – Gaining valuable experience but not receiving financial compensation. internship-blogAlthough you may not receive a stipend from the company, check on outside scholarships and funding opportunities! This site ( contains scholarships provided by UNCG, but also check with your network and see what other funding opportunities you can find!
  3. Class Credit – Internships may also be completed for class credit. However, specific credit (or not) will be determined by the department.  This may affect your financial aid so make sure to check with the Financial Aid office first!
  4. Create Your Own – There is also an opportunity for you to reach out to companies and make your own internship! If this sounds like something you are interested in, we suggest making an appointment right away so we can help get you started!

♠ Start Searching for an Internship or other Experience

Use these resources to begin your search: images

  1. Spartan Careers – This is a great place to start! Spartan Careers is specifically for UNCG students and alumni.  You can access Spartan Careers from the CSC home page ( Use your UNCG email and password to login and begin searching!
  2. CSC Lib Guide – ( This is an awesome resource full of opportunities and internship search databases!  There is information on internships here as well as research and fellowship experiences.
  3. Check Your Network – Never underestimate the power of who you know! Reach out to family, friends, professors, advisers etc. and let them know your interests! They may be able to suggest people you should contact.

♠ Review your Marketing Materials and prepare for your Interview!

Use the Career Services Center’s  DIY online bookshelf to review our Resume, Cover Letter, and Interviewing guides ( You can also come in for a Mock Interview to help you ace the interview process!


No matter what kind of experience you end up with, make the most out of it! There are skills to be developed and knowledge to be learned no matter where you are working or what you are doing.  So think about specific skills you want to improve and be intentional with creating opportunities for yourself!

  If you have any questions about the internship search process, we are always available to meet with you one-on-one.  Just stop by our office (#1 EUC) or call us at (336-334-5454) to schedule an appointment!


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