So, What Do You Wear To A Career Fair?! — Spring Career Fair is Wednesday, March 1st

“What is Professional Dress anyway?”fall-career-fair-2016-16-of-31

We are no longer requiring suits for attendance at our campus Career Fair – though if you can wear one, then it’s great to do so.  We recognize that as students not everyone has access to suits and that not every company will expect potential employees to wear a suit.  This blog post aims to help you be more informed and more comfortable about putting your best foot forward.fall-career-fair-2016-8-of-31






The main thing to remember is don’t distract from YOU.  The biggest mistake you can make is wearing something to the career fair that is likely to be more memorable than your conversation. We want you to shine brighter than your outfit.scf-17

Avoid anything that feels too casual:

  • Jeans (especially those with holes)
  • T-shirts and Shorts
  • Visible undergarments of any sort
  • Flip Flops

Be realistic about the cut and fit of each article of your clothing:

  • Avoid the ill-fitting, overly revealing
  • Lean away from trendy and toward appropriate coverage

Understand a company’s culture:

  • Working at a bank might require more formal clothing than working at a social media marketing company
  • Look through a company’s website to get a feel for how conservative they are–some companies even have photos of employees in the office on their website or social media
  • Take their day-to-day work outfit up a notch–if you see they normally wear nice pants and a shirt, add a blazer and your best belt and shoes

Use your resources:

  • Borrow from friends for the Spring Career Fair on March 1st
  • Contact us to browse our small suit inventory

For more information about professional dress and workplace attire, check out this handout, or our Pinterest board on attire or Career Fair tips in general.


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