Are you LinkedIn?

linkedinA couple statistics to note:

  • There are 300 million users on LinkedIn – 100 million in the United States
  • There are 38,088 UNCG alumni on LinkedIn right now!
  • There are over 1600 members in our UNCG Spartans Network (a group YOU can join today)

You have probably heard about the social site LinkedIn but haven’t thought YOU need a profile. Turns out – LinkedIn has a LOT of great stuff to help students build a brand, network with new people in your field, and find jobs!

See what I mean here:

Homecoming is coming up and a lot of UNCG Alumni will be around. Don’t think of them as simply “adults who used to be around” but as potential employers! Everyone knows someone you don’t – so get out there and get to know new people. Let the networking contacts come to you!

Convinced you want to create a profile and start connecting? Here are 2 things to do right now: 

1. Read over our Building a LinkedIn Profile handout on our DIY site  (click the Bookshelf to see all our handouts)

2. Get your profile reviewed by someone in Career Services – stop by M-F 10a-5p to talk with someone

Already on LinkedIn and pumped to use it for all it’s worth? Your next step: 

1. Join the UNCG Spartans Network and search through the members for someone you can reach out to – ask them about their career path based on what you see on their profile – find commonalities and use those to create a connection. Talk with a career team member today on how to draft these kinds of messages.


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