The 2017 NC Health Professions Graduate School Fair


It’s time again for the Health Professions Graduate School Fair, otherwise known as the NC Health Careers Expo! This event is one of several stops in NC featuring a variety of healthcare-oriented graduate programs for students to meet and interact with. This event is taking place on Wednesday, March 29th from 6pm-8pm in the Kaplan Wellness Center.

The healthcare industry, or “career cluster” as it is less commonly known, is expected to be #1 in job growth in North Carolina over the next 10 years. Approximately one third of healthcare_picthe state’s “hot jobs” are a part of this cluster, making healthcare the hottest, fastest-growing industry out there! Among the many exciting roles available in this exploding field are several occupations that require graduate school and a professional license to be able to practice. Medicine is typically the most commonly known, but there are plenty of different graduate programs out there that work with people and health in different ways!  To learn more about the healthcare industry and related healthcare careers visit these websites for more information and .

The 2017 Health Professions Graduate School Fair will feature local and national programs in a variety of fields, including:

  • Medicine
  • Physician Assistant
  • Physical Therapy/Occupational Therapy
  • Nursing
  • Pharmacy
  • Public Health

Though less well known than a traditional Medical degree (MD), both the Nurse Practitioner (NP) and Physician Assistant (PA) credentials allow you to interact directly with patients at a higher level than other supporting roles, without the much larger expense and longer timeline of a medical program! Other pathways represented at the fair allow you to explore the variety of programs and occupations in the healthcare field, ask questions about the best ways to get in, and find out what your career might look like in a few short years.

Don’t miss this opportunity to find out more about the great healthcare programs that health careers_picare waiting for you! All majors are welcome since many of these programs only require a handful of natural science courses to qualify for admission.

If you have any questions about this event, please contact the Career Services Center at or (336) 334-5454. We look forward to welcoming you to the fair!

How to Start Your Internship Search

internshipsInterested in gaining an internship, a research, or other kind of hands-on,  relevant, professional experience? Career Services is here to help! We know that sometimes it can feel overwhelming especially if you aren’t sure where to start.  Our office has broken down the process into manageable steps as well as provided you with great resources to get you started!

♠ Determine what kind of internship you’re seeking —

Most internships fall into one of 4 categories:

  1. Paid – Receiving financial compensation for your work (let’s face it we would all like to make some money!)
  2. Unpaid – Gaining valuable experience but not receiving financial compensation. internship-blogAlthough you may not receive a stipend from the company, check on outside scholarships and funding opportunities! This site ( contains scholarships provided by UNCG, but also check with your network and see what other funding opportunities you can find!
  3. Class Credit – Internships may also be completed for class credit. However, specific credit (or not) will be determined by the department.  This may affect your financial aid so make sure to check with the Financial Aid office first!
  4. Create Your Own – There is also an opportunity for you to reach out to companies and make your own internship! If this sounds like something you are interested in, we suggest making an appointment right away so we can help get you started!

♠ Start Searching for an Internship or other Experience

Use these resources to begin your search: images

  1. Spartan Careers – This is a great place to start! Spartan Careers is specifically for UNCG students and alumni.  You can access Spartan Careers from the CSC home page ( Use your UNCG email and password to login and begin searching!
  2. CSC Lib Guide – ( This is an awesome resource full of opportunities and internship search databases!  There is information on internships here as well as research and fellowship experiences.
  3. Check Your Network – Never underestimate the power of who you know! Reach out to family, friends, professors, advisers etc. and let them know your interests! They may be able to suggest people you should contact.

♠ Review your Marketing Materials and prepare for your Interview!

Use the Career Services Center’s  DIY online bookshelf to review our Resume, Cover Letter, and Interviewing guides ( You can also come in for a Mock Interview to help you ace the interview process!


No matter what kind of experience you end up with, make the most out of it! There are skills to be developed and knowledge to be learned no matter where you are working or what you are doing.  So think about specific skills you want to improve and be intentional with creating opportunities for yourself!

  If you have any questions about the internship search process, we are always available to meet with you one-on-one.  Just stop by our office (#1 EUC) or call us at (336-334-5454) to schedule an appointment!

So, What Do You Wear To A Career Fair?! — Spring Career Fair is Wednesday, March 1st

“What is Professional Dress anyway?”fall-career-fair-2016-16-of-31

We are no longer requiring suits for attendance at our campus Career Fair – though if you can wear one, then it’s great to do so.  We recognize that as students not everyone has access to suits and that not every company will expect potential employees to wear a suit.  This blog post aims to help you be more informed and more comfortable about putting your best foot forward.fall-career-fair-2016-8-of-31






The main thing to remember is don’t distract from YOU.  The biggest mistake you can make is wearing something to the career fair that is likely to be more memorable than your conversation. We want you to shine brighter than your outfit.scf-17

Avoid anything that feels too casual:

  • Jeans (especially those with holes)
  • T-shirts and Shorts
  • Visible undergarments of any sort
  • Flip Flops

Be realistic about the cut and fit of each article of your clothing:

  • Avoid the ill-fitting, overly revealing
  • Lean away from trendy and toward appropriate coverage

Understand a company’s culture:

  • Working at a bank might require more formal clothing than working at a social media marketing company
  • Look through a company’s website to get a feel for how conservative they are–some companies even have photos of employees in the office on their website or social media
  • Take their day-to-day work outfit up a notch–if you see they normally wear nice pants and a shirt, add a blazer and your best belt and shoes

Use your resources:

  • Borrow from friends for the Spring Career Fair on March 1st
  • Contact us to browse our small suit inventory

For more information about professional dress and workplace attire, check out this handout, or our Pinterest board on attire or Career Fair tips in general.

Spartans Connect Event and Networking 101

♦ Are you nervous about the thought of networking?

   Here are some tips:

  1. Introduce yourself with an elevator pitch:  Introduce your name, major, and a networking_piccareer/internship goal in the approximate time it takes to ride on an elevator (30 seconds). Then pay attention to ask them intentional questions.
  2. Don’t know what to talk about after your introduction?  Use the F.O.R.M. technique as a way to think of relevant questions to ask.
  3. Here’s what F.O.R.M. looks like in conversation:
    • Family: (Do you have family in Greensboro?, Do you have any other UNCG Alum in your family?, Do you have any pets?, etc.)
    • Occupation: (What do you do for a living?, How did you find that job?, Did you think you would always work in that field?, etc.)
    • Recreation: (What do you enjoy outside of work?, Were you involved with any clubs at UNCG?, etc.)
    • Motivation: (Why did you choose your career/major?, What is your favorite part of your job?, What advice would you give to a current student looking at similar jobs?, etc.)

♦ Want to Practice Real Networking?


Attend SPARTANS CONNECT on February 23, 2017, from 6-8pm, in the EUC Cone Ballroom.  Join successful Spartan alumni for an evening of great food and conversation!

You already have one thing in common… being a Spartan!
Learn how to build authentic professional relationships and understand the basics of networking. 

There will be a 45-minute informational session exploring different networking strategies, then a full hour to make professional connections with alumni.

Registration: 5:30pm- 6:00pm
Networking Presentation: 6:00pm- 6:45pm
Student + Alumni Mixer: 6:45pm-8:00pm

RVSP to attend Spartans Connect through SpartanCareers by February 16.  Smart professional/business casual attire encouraged!

♦ Also!  Do you plan to attend our upcoming Spring Career Fair?ddd-spring-17-1200px-fb-1-2

Then prep your networking strategies specific to navigating the career fair by attending one of our Spring Career Fair Prep sessions on Feb. 27 and Feb. 28.

To attend a Do’s Don’ts & Donuts Spring Career Fair Prep session …

RSVP in Spartan Careers! 


Your resume is one of your most important marketing materials, and getting your resume approved in SpartanCareers is one of the first steps towards securing a job or internship opportunity.  By having an approved resume on file you gain full access to the SpartanCareers system.

You can begin searching for openings immediately, but some jobs require an approved resume to apply. The approval process is in place to ensure you meet the baseline requirements for resumes and to encourage you to put your best foot forward when marketing your skills and abilities to potential employers.

Follow these steps to get your resume approved in Spartan Careers:

**Before uploading your resume for approval, review the CSC Resume Guide and Resume Approval Checklist.  Resumes must meet all criteria on the checklist.  Failure to meet all criteria on the checklist will result in a declined resume.**

  1. Navigate to the CSC website ( and click on the SpartanCareers tab.
  2. Log in using your iSpartan username and
  3. Complete your profile if you have not already. You only have to do this once. *When asked about privacy settings, choose to receive emails from the system so you don’t miss important announcements regarding your resume approval.*
  4. On the left side of the screen click on “My Documents” and “Add New.”csc-website_pic2
  5. Name your document (ex: Jenny Jobs Resume) and select “Document Type” as Resume.
  6. Browse to your resume, click Submit.

Your resume is now in pending status until a Career Team member reviews it.  Please allow up to 2 business days for your resume to be reviewed.

Once reviewed, your resume will either be approved (meets all checklist criteria) or declined (did not meet all checklist criteria).  You will receive an email confirmation when your resume is approved or an email stating that your resume was declined.  If declined, review the feedback that was provided and refer to the Approval Checklist before re-submitting.

Need additional assistance? The Career Team is here for you!

Drop by between 10:00am until 4:00pm Monday – Friday to meet with a Peer Career Ambassador or call (336) 334-5454 to schedule an appointment with a Career Coach.

Get your resume approved today!

What to Consider When You Do a Long Distance Job Search

Every year, newly graduated students have dreams about moving across the country and starting a successful career in busy, exciting cities such as New York, Miami, Denver, Seattle, Boston and San Francisco. This is due to diverse, emerging industries developing overnight and demographic changes.  Another reason for long-distance career exploration is that a student may simply want to experience a new area for a short amount of time (3 to 5 years).

plane-imageBefore packing the U-Haul or buying the plane ticket, there are many important things that students need to think about before they decide that pursuing a career in a different section of the country is the best fit for them.

Research the City Before Committing:

Some items to consider include the cost of living in the new location/city, starting salary, benefits for both you and your partner/family, and longevity of the career.  It’s important (especially when pursuing your first full-time position) to research the average salary for jobs in your industry and see how they compare to the cost of living in a city.  Some excellent resources to help estimate salary includes the Federal Bureau of Labor Statistics (,, and  To estimate living expenses using budget calculators, some great websites include and

Research the Industry:


To estimate longevity of career, it’s important to research individual industries and find out the projected growth.  This can be found on both and   Students can also go on individual websites to find out the size of the company they are applying to and see if there are opportunities for promotions or transferring if needed.

Another great resource is the Career Services Center Library Guide:  This resources allows students to find much needed information about individual companies and industries.  The Library Guide also allows students to look at internship and fellowship opportunities.

Culture of the City:

It’s also important for a student to look at the culture of the city that they are planning to move to.  It’s important to look at the population size of the city, the economic growth, the cost of rent/buying a house, and recreational activities.  Depending on a student’s personality and where they are in life, different things are going to be more important to them; if a student is starting a family, they might look more closely at the school system options in a city and consider this a factor.

Economic Growth of a City:

America’s 10 Fastest Growing Cities according to Forbes (2016):

  1. Austin, Texasmove-across-country
  2. San Francisco, California
  3. Dallas, Texas
  4. Seattle, Washington
  5. Salt Lake City, Utah
  6. Ogden, Utah
  7. Orlando, Florida
  8. San Jose, California
  9. Raleigh, North Carolina
  10. Cape Coral, Florida

Full List can be accessed at:

The Interview:


It’s also important to consider your interview preparation with a long distance company.  Many times, students will either interview over the phone or via Skype during their first communications with the company.  After this initial interview, a company will choose whether to extend an offer for an on-sight interview.  It’s important to know in advance whether the company is willing to pay for a student’s travel expenses during this time or if there is a policy of reimbursement (unfortunately not every company is willing to pay for travel expenses, never assume that this is a given).  For more information concerning the interview process, check out the Career Services Interview Guide in our bookshelf and also check out Interviewstream (


How would you answer this interview question: “Why are you the best candidate for this opportunity?”

interview_pic2Knowing what you want to say about yourself and being confident when you are talking about yourself during an interview meeting is a communication skill you can develop with practice.

The Career Services Center is here to assist you in your efforts to prepare, practice, and interview successfully when you meet to interview for jobs, internships, or to meet for a graduate program or professional school admissions interview.

Our Mock Interview Program offers interviewing practice for UNCG students:


In-Person and Remote Mock Interview Practice is available by scheduled appointment with the Career Services Center.  Just give us a call at 336-334-5454 or stop by our office to set an appointment.

InterviewStream – is an interactive online web platform that you as a student can access through the Career Services Center at and utilize to conduct ongoing interview practice from any computer at any time.

PLUS, there’s also our …

Interviewing Guide & Interviewing Tips Resources: the following interview prep resources can be found on our Career Services Center website.interview_pic1

Our CSC Interviewing Guide is located at

Our Interviewing Tips board on Pinterest is located at

Go ahead … get started!  It’s never too soon to start working on your interviewing skills.

Begin preparing now for all those important interviews that will be coming your way soon!